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Types of Massage and Their Benefits

Massage has been practiced for thousands of year. It is still a widely used therapeutic art. Massage therapy, as well as its variations such as aromatherapy, acupressure, reflexology, Pilates and Thai massage are becoming increasingly popular as interest in alternative medicine is growing. The term "Oriental massage" is commonly used to describe massage therapy.

Watsu is also known as Japanese water therapy. Watsu is Japanese for "water" however, most people use it to mean "massage". Watsu is similar to hydrotherapy, in that it's occasionally used to treat joints pain, sore muscles, and other body disorders. But, unlike hydrotherapy water focuses its movements on stretching instead of massage. Watsu practitioners consider that, if you stretch out the muscles using sufficient pressure, the tissues will become flexible.

Water has been found to give great relief to those suffering from Fibromyalgia. The patients are reported to notice significant reductions in pain, improved energy and improved mental health. A study carried out at the Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke discovered that patients with chronic fatigue syndrome who received massage therapy had significant decreases in pain, and improved performance and quality of sleep. A different study concluded that massage therapy has an impact on fibromyalgia symptoms in healthy women. One of the major contributors for fibromyalgia is depression. massage can help alleviate symptoms of depression in some patients. The research has also demonstrated that massage can help reduce symptoms such as depression anxiety, insomnia mood disorders, and other mood disorders.

A certified and licensed professional is required to perform massage therapy for Fibromyalgia. Some states have laws that require that massage therapists obtain certification or licensure. To determine if the therapist meets these requirements, contact the state Board of Certification. website Before scheduling a session, make sure that the therapist has been licensed or certified.

In order to know how to use the different techniques employed by massage therapists to treat the body, it's crucial to know the way it works. Different massage techniques are used to manipulate pressure points within the body. This helps to release tension-filled, dry, knotted muscles that may cause stiffness and tension in the muscles. FMS is caused by muscle tension. Relaxation therapists employ stretching techniques, also referred to as acupressure, to stimulate the same muscle groups but in a different way to ensure that both muscle groups are affected.

Acupressure, which is the most commonly used kind of FMS is applied with the fingers or by applying pressure to specific problem areas. You can use a variety methods to achieve this, like shaking, rolling pressing, rolling and rubbing. In a massage, the therapist is required to position his or her hands along with the body of the patient, and then apply pressure to achieve the desired results. While many believe FMS is simply a massage, there are a variety of levels depending on the needs of each patient.

Traditional water therapy sessions will include the therapist massaging and adjusting various joints such as the pelvis and ribs as well as the shoulder, wrists, spine and elbows. The patient lies in a position on the table and the session will run for about 15 minutes. The patient will be encouraged to stretch, flex and move the various parts of the body while staying still. A typical water therapy session is a massage with oils.

Shiatsu is a relaxing alternative for massage. Shiatsu originated in Japan and is often called "finger pressure" massage. Shiatsu is a technique that uses pressure to relieve discomfort and help relax people. The pressure of the fingers can be beneficial in relieving tension and stress and can be very soothing. If you are interested in trying this type of massage, it is possible to discover a number of local therapists who offer shiatsu sessions.